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When embarking on a website project, it is important to think about how the text and images on the website will be maintained and updated over time. It is always beneficial to add content to your website on a regular basis and keep things up to date so users find the freshest information. In addition, it also adds credibility for a company to show activity in the news, careers and other sections of the website.

The three choices you have in terms of maintaining website content are to enter into a maintenance agreement with us, update it on your own or utilize a content management system (CMS). A CMS allows an administrator to easily update all text and images on the website from an intuitive interface that is as simple as using a standard email program.

Alle Von Technologies has built countless custom content management systems for clients over the years and can allow for the control of any and all elements on the website. If a CMS is not chosen by the client, we offer quick turnarounds for content updates as well as offering training to allow clients to make changes using programs such as the internal administration modules built right in.

Our Search Engine Optimization expertise helps us to deliver a search engine friendly CMS system. Contact us to know more.

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